When it comes to telephony it is rarely one size fits all and MikiPro VoIP and SIP trunking solutions can easily be adjusted to your requirements.  Our Carrier grade SIP can be bundled to any deployment from a single VoIP phone on a desk in a business to complex multi-site Hosted or On-Site PBX solutions

Multi Site Support​

MikiPro VoIP and SIP solutions are completely IP delivered meaning anywhere you have a decent quality internet connection we can provide you with a high quality voice line that is Tier1 connected to some of the biggest global telecommunications providers.

SMB support​

Through our company partner Stream-Line we are able to provide our SMB clients around New Zealand IT support and services on both one off and recurring model with SLA.

Replacing ISDN​

Many companies have struggled to replace ISDN connectivity either because of current PBX systems still on their premises or worries about quality.   Our SIP and VoIP offerings tackle both of those problems.  With high quality and extremely high availability Hosted PBX solutions moving to a new PBX has never been cheaper or easier.   To top it all off we offer guaranteed channels as well as Telco Tier1 quality interconnects offering even better quality voice then ISDN.

Wholesale Supply​

We deal with with a latitude of clients that sell IT services in New Zealand.  Wholesale pricing, Effective billing with TeleBill, Volume delivery over trunks with as many as 1000 simultaneous lines and ability to provide direct carrier interconnects all over the globe are some of the key reasons our re-sellers insist on our SIP and VoIP delivery .  If you are interested don’t hesitate to call on 08003953273 or contact us.

Mikipro VOIP / Voice Services

With the copper lines getting phased out everyone is moving to VOIP / SIP telephony. Unlike the old copper lines that were operated only by large established Telco’s and offered largely consistent performance VOIP is unfortunately unregulated and QoS is left to the operator and many have picked low cost above all else. We know how important reliable high-quality communication is to business and pride ourselves above all in being able to deliver consistent, high quality, low latency SIP to our end clients at prices significantly better than the big players.

If you are looking to increase the quality of your or your clients calls and keep the cost to a minimum, we have a solution for you.

All MikiPro VOIP is:

  • Multihomed for reliability
  • Using CLI routes for termination
  • Using Tier1 interconnects
  • Redundantly routed on our core Voice Switches
  • Deliverable in trunks with channel QTYs to suite your requirements
  • Minimum jitter with our extremely well paired paths to major exchanges

Volume based discounts are available to all our resellers and per minute usage-based models so you make a profit reselling from the very first minute. This product when paired up with our PBX and TeleBill platform makes an ideal base for any consultants, IT companies or WISP players to expand their portfolio into voice.


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