Communications as a Service

With most of the communications moving to SIP and becoming digital there has never been a better time to explore what CaaS (Communications as a Service ) can do to help your company.

MikiPro technical staff are excited to be able to provide you with a custom made solution perfectly refined to match the needs of your enterprise.

CaaS Added features:

  • PBX solution with unlimited extensions
  • Multi site extension deployment
  • Voice-mail to email
  • Easy configure call-waiting/call-forwarding
  • Digital Fax
  • Video conferencing

CaaS Cost savings:

  • SIP pricing on outbound minutes
  • Minimal investment in infrastructure up-front
  • No expensive ISDN monthly fees
  • FREE PBX updates with next gen technology

CaaS ease of management:

  • Online management portal for all of the basic PBX features
  • Online billing portal for easy expense tracking
  • Dedicated support technician that is informed in your particular set up and able to help you with any unforeseen issues.