Gone are the days of having a PBX tech regularly visit your site and constantly sell you new features while doing that crucial fix to your copper lines. All MikiPro hosted PBX systems come with the full feature set unlocked, no upfront fees, size based monthly fees with all patches upgrades and new features included in that forever. To put it simply you will get everything our fully featured PBX systems have to offer with no upfront fees and monthly fees starting from $49/mth. This is less than most maintenance contracts on a PBX system you own already in most cases.

Off-Site support ​

Off site support is available for your Hosted PBX system along with our in-house ongoing up-time monitoring of individual PBXs as well as clusters. If there is a problem more often then not we will be the first to know and already fixing it before any of your PBX clients notice however you can rest assured you always have someone to call for support.

SMB support​

Through our company partner Stream-Line we are able to provide our SMB clients around New Zealand IT support and services on both one off and recurring model with SLA.

On-Site IT upkeep​

On-Site support is extremely rare for Hosted PBX setups as we are able to perform online diagnostics, remote provisioning and on-line changes of all parameters.  If however you are in need of in premise support we have a team of techs available Auckland wide to react to your issues. 

Wholesale Support​

We deal with with a latitude of clients that sell IT services in New Zealand.  Our Wholesale and Reseller PBX offering ranges from small super cost effective cluser PBX system to dedicated VM hosted PBX systems with full featuresets for your larger and more demanding clients.  All our offerings can be supplied stand alone or with support to best suit how your team is set up to operate.  If you are interested don’t hesitate to call on 08003953273 or contact us.


  • Calling Queues (ACD)

  • Conference Bridge.

  • Fax to E-mail.

  • Ring Groups.

  • Music on Hold.

  • Calendar with third party integration.

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