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Most IT businesses end up paying a lot for top capability staff they seldom use the full skill set of. Leverage our expertness and lower your internal staff reliance and cost


With technical staff as well as hundreds of servers and thousands of parts available in the same building as the Data Center we are able to add resource to your setup as quickly as you need it


If you have backups, tests or monitoring you need to perform on your infrastructure let us automate the tasks for you so you can go back to focusing on your growth.


Cloud computing is just glorified buzz word for distributed infrastructure. We work with you to create and operate your own cloud in a space you control at extremely competitive pricing.

Chose your ideal rack space

What ever space you require for your hosting we have you covered and our techs are here to make that configuration, install ,new server deployment you are after.  This service is a tech department and a datacentre rack all in one 


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Frequently asked questions

Your rack will have a connection at the rate purchased 100mbit/1000mbit/10Gbitconnected from our core to the top of the rack.  If there are particular CIR requirements on traffic to a destination we can sell a CIR guaranteed performance plan on top of it but other then that it is fair use best effort.  

Yes we are able to arrange for cross connects between internal rack, data-centers in Auckland as well as running UFB or Dark Fiber cross connects to remote locations where there is a particularly high requirement for traffic. 

We pride ourselves in having the technical resource to take on just about anything you want to throw our way.  Among many other projects we have worked on projects serving over half a million users as well as billing engines processing thousands of events a minute.  We also run our in house Wholesale Telco billing platform.

Our original rack product were bare racks with power and connectivity.  Over the years we have released that over 85% of our rack clients rely on our services for a substantial amount of their technical operations.  This has lead us to format this product around common demand.  

Yes we are happy to create a package to your requirements if you are after more hours, particular data at CIR we are extremely flexible and look forward to any interesting requirements you may have.

Managed Data Center Racks are one of the most flexible services allowing our clients to run their IT businesses with the flexibility and cost management no other product can provide. For more info   Contact Us

Our clients say

"Managed products have allowed us to create a stable predictable cost environment at significantly lower cost then we were previously spending on hosting and data services."
ETV Manager
"Its impossible to put a value on someone who treats your servers as if the environment was their own but these guys have done exactly that and at an extremely affordable price.
Web hosting provider

Need More Information about a solution to fit you needs?

MikiPro Ltd can tailor a custom managed racks solution to fit your project. Enabling your Data Center solution to run with comprehensive technical support.  Leave us some more information and we will get back to you with multiple possibilities that suit your project and requirements.

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