The easiest way to bill your telco

Our in-house designed, built, tested and even used ISP billing platform was designed around the challenges we faced quickly and accurately billing our Telco/ISP clients. Now that we have gone wholesale so has the platform allowing our re-sellers the flexibility and power to operate with the ease of an established ISP as well as the track-ability and consistency of billing end users expect.


Interested in growing your own ISP

Considered further securing your clients and maximising the profit potential as well as quality of service that comes along with providing your own telecommunication services?

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why not bill manually

Telecommunications services are unfortunately filled with small recurring charges, variable minutes charges, one off charges for porting etc.  Managing the billing of this is where most people go astray.  The TeleBill platform along with Xero integration makes the billing and invoicing process a breeze letting you focus on client growth and management. 

Who needs it

Any IT MSP business that is delivering onsite services has been focusing on the move to cloud and with it more and more demand is being placed  on delivering communications, hosting, VPN, PBX etc.  MikiPro already enables IT businesses to deliver all these services white-labeled to your clients and with TeleBill you can also have a billing platform that lets you punch above your weight and offer your clients the same visibility as the bigger players.

use telebill to grow your it business

Where is the data stored?

TeleBill data is stored redundantly across our multiple pops NZ wide to ensure availability and data safety. It has achieved an availability of over 99.99% over the last 5 years.

Will the customers know where I buy from?

No the platform will be completely white-labeled with no mention of MikiPro Ltd. Additionally we can BGP your own IP ranges to ensure that there is absolutely no tractability of our services anywhere to the end client.

What can I bill?

TeleBill focuses on telecomunication billing with automatic tracking of spend: SIP , PBX , ADSL, VDSL , ISDN, Trunks etc. There is no limit however to any custom recurring charges you may want to add or any custom one off charges for that matter.

How do I invoice?

We recommend using the Xero integration to sync the TeleBill PDF reports and costing automatically to your invoicing system. If you are planing on using an alternative accounting system TeleBill provides you with downloadable pre-calculated PDF reports for each client.

I am not an IT company can I still use this ?

Yes everyone is able to resell internet and use TeleBill to manage and bill their clients. We have quite a few successful clients that started with no clients and have built up decent sized ISPs.

Can I resell this to my clients?

Everything we offer is available for white lable wholesale. Our wholesale customers are the backbone of the company and most of our services are sold through wholesale channels. Click and give us some more details about what you would like to do with our backups for your clients.

Easy billing is just the beginning

Between monitoring, ease of provisioning of new lines, package bundling and Xero integration our solution allows just about anyone to manage and grow a successful ISP.

Key Features of TellBill


  • One off charge billing: ideal for onsite calls, installs etc
  • Recurring same rate billing: Connections, PBX, SIP trunks etc Used for all services that have a static monthly fee
  • Usage Based billing: Data, Minutes or anything else you are measuring per unit sold
  • Grouped fix billing for usage-based products: Ability to bundle usage-based products and create fixed price plans up to certain usage ie 500Min to Australia and NZ for $9.95
  • Directly Connected PBX links to individual customers letting your admin maintain end user PBX from within the platform.
  • Directly connected ticketing for support / provisioning queries
  • Address connectivity availability from within the platform
  • ISP services ordering within TeleBill
  • White-lable invoice creation for end clients generated by TeleBill
  • TeleBill is a mature product that has been deployed by us over 5 years ago with constant feature adds and developments.

Manage your Virtual ISP the easy way

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