Data Collection & Analysis

In today’s data driven world its essential that businesses utilize all the data they can collect in order to gain insights into their customers and business performance. This task can be difficult because older system do not collect all the data they can or if they do they cannot generate insightful reports. We can connect to existing databases and generate reports without interrupting your day to day tools that depend on the database. We can migrate databases and we have a SQL database performance specialist if you have database slowdowns, crashes or unexpected behaviour. Our team can also perform data recovery from corrupt databases or crashed servers.

Our expertise:

  • Analyse data to extract business and customer insights
  • Connect to existing databases to perform analytics
  • Create better collection techniques to get all the data you can
  • Make sense of the data you have and how it can benefit your business
  • Migrate databases between applications
  • Recover corrupted databases
  • Increase database performance
  • Database redundancy setup
  • Database backups