In today’s data driven world its essential that businesses utilize all the data they can collect in order to gain insights into their customers and business performance. This task can be difficult on account of older system not collect all the data they can or when they do doing so in an unstructured manner.   We can connect to existing databases and generate reports without interrupting your day to day tools that depend on these databases and by joining and analysing all your relevant data sources create actionable intel to support growth or customer retention.

Database connections​

Often times the data that you require to create key decisions is already being collected by the business but there is no way to access it.  Ability to consistantly make accurate decisions heavily relies on timely delivery of well structured data and without being able to conveniently tap into your primary data sources this often leads to slow data exports and key personal working with data that is no longer relevant. 

If this sounds like you we can help.  Feel free to call on 08003953273 or contact us.

Data Analysis​

Key customer insights and consolations are what everyone is hunting for be it that you are working with a data-set of a small number of past customers or dipping your toes into big data analysis.   Our team of experts is capable of performing miracles with your data regardless of what level of automated or predictive data analysis you are after.   We take our time to listen to your problem and always bring creative solutions forward for your team to consider.  If you would like to engage with us and help stimulate growth call on 08003953273 or contact us.

Other common Data Analysis / Management Tasks​

Our expertise:

  • Create better collection techniques to get all the data you can
  • Make sense of the data you have and how it can benefit your business
  • Migrate databases between applications
  • Recover corrupted databases
  • Increase database performance
  • Database redundancy setup
  • Database backups

Wholesale Support​

We deal with with a latitude of clients that sell IT services in New Zealand.  Many of our IT re-sellers and wholesale ITC providers don’t specialise in databases, AI technologies and implementations or visual data analysis but this doesn’t mean they have to turn their potential customers away or worst yet hand an existing loyal client to a new IT crowd.  We are here to make sure you will be able to take care of your clients regardless of the complexity and size of their data analysis problem.   If you are interested don’t hesitate to call on 08003953273 or contact us.

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