Connectivity is the corner stone of every business. Our work environment relies heavily on the quality and support of the Provider and Product you choose.

MikiPro wants to help guide you through that process. We will help consult on what is available to your business, costs and install time frames.

Our primary goal is to make sure you are given all the facts, advise and support needed for a service that quite honestly and often, gets taken for granted.

Our internet services:

  • High Speed connectivity available with up to 1 Gbit International Burst
  • Affordable CIR (Committed Information Rate)
  • Copper, Fibre and Wireless Solutions
  • Fully Customisation Data Packs including Unmetered

Order Internet Connection

Our business internet services offer low contention and high customer support.

ORDER Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre is a service that is run directly over a leased or purchased un-lit optical fibre cable. The benefits are endless and the only limitation is the equipment you place at each end.


We deliver high quality VOIP / voice services over the internet.

Modem settings

Configuration for modems that we supply