Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to support you and your IT clients

For the last 10 years Mikipro has been providing expert support to the New Zealand community. Our technicians have over 100 years combined experience with expertise in networking, Cisco routers & switches, firewalls, enterprise grade servers, RAID configurations, SANs, Microsoft environments and everything in-between. We are there when your RAID array fails, we are there when your network goes down, we are there when viruses and malware attacks, we are there when you need us.

Our IT services

On-Site IT Support

MikiPro has a dedicate SMB and ON-Site support partner business that exclusively deals with taking care of our clients On-Site and SMB environments. For more information of what we can offer your business.

Firewall Configurations

Keeping your business safe should be everybody s top priority from SMB to Corporate. If you are taking care of other clients IT all of the sudden that is your problem. With extensive capabilities in IT security and communications we can definitely help. 

The world has become all about data and most companies are not leveraging the power of the data they have for growth and customer insight.  Let us help you find that missing piece. Regardless of weather you are after analysis of the data completeness or if you are looking to apply AI and Neural Networks to gather more insights into your data give us a call or have a look for more info on our Data Analysis page.

Data Encryption

With daily occurrences of data theft as well as a never ending example of man in the middle attacks keeping your data protected with encryption has never been more esential.  We take care of Petabytes of data for our clients and have experience in ensuring best practices are applied across your companies critical data.  For more information about how we can keep your data safe with encryption.

Need support? Your client has an emergency?

We are ALWAYS HERE to help you manage your problem. 

Looking to protect your data?

MikiPro Data Protection ServiceS

To us Data Protection doesn't simply mean backups. Our technicians will look through your situation and arrange an end to end plan for your data that takes into account what is crucial, minimises exposure risks, improves recovery times in case of loss etc.

Interested in protecting your data? Have an emergency?

We’re here to help you manage your data long term as well as immediate issues.

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