Data encryption is a consistently evolving and expanding field with in the IT sector. Every month new weaknesses are found in the essential libraries widely used with in the software that powers our OS, browsers and other essential software. Encryption software and libraries are consistently getting patched, upgraded or depreciated as exploits are being found and published. We keep track of all new vulnerabilities in order to keep our critical infrastructure up to date and offer the smallest attack vector against our services. We offer the latest expert advice when it comes to encryption and cryptographically secure hashing.

Full Disk Encryption​

If there is a severe risk of unauthorised personel getting their hands on your raw data we encourage full disk encryption.  Be it for your backup data or simply terminals that are hard to make physically secure there are many situations where only full disk encryption will ensure data safety you require.  Call us to discuss your options and requirements on 08003953273 or contact us.

Server Patching and Penetration​

Periodic server penetration testing as well as continuous monitoring of all systems to ensure any with known exploits are patched greatly reduces the risk to your data.   This service can be scaled to balance cost and data security inline with your company complexity and cost requirements.  To discuss your options call us on 08003953273 or contact us.

Other Encryption Services​

Other then the most common encryption services we offer a wide array of security and encryption services to improve your data safety:
  • Monitor the security community and apply the latest best practices and algorithms
  • Complete SSL certificate service for Apache and Nginx setups
  • Patch old software to use new hashing algorithms
  • Encrypted VPN setups for your home or office

Wholesale Support​

We deal with with a latitude of clients that sell IT services in New Zealand.  Our wholesalle clients can levarage on our extensive pool of data security, encryption and penetration testing capabilities to enable themselves to tackle bigger projects and more lucrative clients with our support.  If you are interested don’t hesitate to call on 08003953273 or contact us.

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