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Regardless of your requirements we are here to help with the connection options to cover your complete business.  From Data Center connectivity to Offices as well as MPLS and WAN connectivity that enables company wide collaboration.  All our connectivity is delivered unlimited with no throttling but for those of you that are after dedicated capacity to a particular destinations we are able to arrange CIR connectivity options.  This will allow for guaranteed capacity to selected destinations.

MikiPro Connectivity

Whatever your connectivity needs we have the connection to suit. ADSL/VDSL copper connectivity. UFB and Dedicated Fiber connectivity as well as point to point fiber and wireless.


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Dedicated Fiber

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Dark Fiber

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Most frequent questions and answers

None of our business connectivity products from ADSL to Dedicated fiber have throttling and they are all unlimited products with a fair use policy.  For customers that are after guaranteed capacity to a particular location we can offer CIR connectivity to ensure delivery of needed capacity.

All of our connections are routed through our redundant Cisco core to ensure stability of delivery and performance without packet-loss.

MPLS and VPLS are offered on our corporate connectivity as an option as well as network planning and design services.

We have configured and run a multitude of WAN setups for our clients and those of our resellers.  If you are in the market for a WAN configuration or a VPN configuration for your business or that of your clients don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We have the ability to mix and match end point connections to suite sites,  extend WAN connectivity to staff home connections for more productive and stable working for home configurations as well as many other options.  Our trained engineers will guide you through the decision making process making sure that the solution works for you. 

If it has to do with telecommunications or connectivity and hosting we definitely can.  Our pre sales team is made of experienced IT technitians and engineers ready to talk you through the best tech solution for your requirements.  What more with the ability to deliver everything communications directly we don’t rely on any other information for our solutions meaning a quick turnaround is possible. 


Connection Type

Copper Connectivity over the old POTS network


10-50Mbit Download 1-10Mbit Upload.  

When to Order

If there is no UFB or Alternative next gen connecitivity

ADSL/VDSL collections are ideal when you need to quickly set up a broadband connection and there is no alternative.  Although most users have moved to our more popular connections such as UFB or Dedicated dark fibers sometimes the lead time is too long and these can act as a great bridging solution.  Other times there is still no availability for fiber connecivity and we can deploy these until UFB comes around. 

Regardless of their sync speeds ADSL/VDSL connectivity is still available in our Unlimited variant with no throttling making is a very competent business connectivity product.  

ADSL/VSDL is the connectivity you are after?

Call our technical pre-sales team on 08003953273 or contact us for a free quote

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UFB/Dedicated Fibre

Connection Type

Fiber over the NGA network


100mbit -1Gbit+ Speeds keep on increasing with transmitter tech

When to Order

These are ideal connections to order due to their price to performance for most clietns.

UFB is one of the easiest choices you can make when it comes to internet connectivity in New Zealand.  With connectivity ranging from 100-1Gbit+ we can always find the right connection with right CIR guarantee and bandwidth package to suite your business requirements. Quick deployment,low latency and  typically no installation costs add to the appeal of these connections.  These can connections can be purchased with adequate CIR to form a dedicated fiber connection if  stability and availability of bandwidth are primary concerns.

UFB NGA is the connectivity you are after?

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Dark Fiber

Connection Type

Point to point fiber connectivity.  No real limit to capacity


Typically 1Gbit + but over 100Gbit is achievable.

When to Order

If large amounts of stable low loss sustainable connectivity between two points are needed

When no other connection will do on account of data capacity , security or ability to manage everything from layer 1 down the stack Dark Fiber makes a great option.  Additionally when enough capacity is required these connections tend to be a phenomenal value for money and we utilise them ourselves extensively. 

You are after Point-Point Dark Fiber

Call our technical pre-sales team on 08003953273 or contact us for a free quote

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