Disaster Recovery as a Service

You never know when systems will pack up and all your data will evaporate.
If you are prepared there is a quick way to recover!

You know DRaaS is for you

If you found what you are looking for and would like to start talking about what MikiPro DRaaS can offer your corporation or your clients feel free to:

What is draas

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the duplication and hosting of virtual or physical infrastructure by a separate entity to provide a redundancy or fail over in the event of a Disaster, man-made or natural.

Who needs it

This service is useful for all sized companies as these disasters can strike regardless of the size of business.  Cost scales based on quantity of infrastructure so its affordable to companies big and small.

Use draas to secure your business

Where is the data stored?

Our primary DRaaS clusters are in our own Albany Data Center but we can create secondary pops for you at Vocus or 220 Queen Street as well as a mix or all of them if that is what your contingency plan requires.

Who owns the Data?

Your systems stay yours nothing we do has any impact on that. We manage the storage of files and scripting for quick off-site recovery of your systems in an event of a catastrophic failure.

Are there options for redundant backups?

We can store your DRaaS data redundantly but as this is not really a backup solution so much as a way to enable productivity to resume quickly in an event of a disaster its better paired with a redundant backup solution then trying to make it redundant itself.

Is my data encrypted?

It depends on your preference but with DRaaS being typically a service where restoration is tested regularly we would typically have access to your systems.

I am not a corporate is this for me?

MikiPro is primarily a corporate and wholesale provider but we do have a branch that deals with retail clients Stream-Line where you are able to get end user support for SMB.

Can I resell this to my clients?

Everything we offer is available for white lable wholesale. Our wholesale customers are the backbone of the company and most of our services are sold through wholesale channels. Click and give us some more details about what you would like to do with our backups for your clients.

Are you ready to secure your uptime

Costs of downtime are huge with workers on standby and all the static costs piling up. When you are ready to eradicate that problem:

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