Cloud and hosted PBX

Cost savings over traditional telephony, Higher availability, distributed workforce with home office extensions mark just some of the features our Hosted PBX solutions can offer your business. 

You want a hosted PBX

If hosted PBX setups were already what you were looking for we are confident that we can provide you a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Hosted PBX

You may be asking yourself why bother with a hosted solution if my on-premise solution has done just fine.   Communications is evolving more rapidly then it ever has and new technologies and integrations are coming in from all day to day systems from CRM to Microsoft Teams.


Hosted PBX

One of the key benefits of the hosted PBX solution is that it can adapt to your requirements, environment and ever-changing business state.  Adding more staff for a short period of time no problem.  Adding another office to the same PBX easily supported.  Having staff work from home on their work extensions is also not an issue.  The possibilities are truly endless 

Using hosted Pbx to your advantage

Where are they hosted?

Our primary hosting location is the MikiPro Data Center in Albany Auckland. Dependent on the product they may be live replicated up to 2 or 3 other locations.

Do I have live access to logs?

Yes you may use the PBX to have live tracking of your calls. Some of our clients use it to measure the call volumes of their staff and average call duration etc. These features are particularly well suited for call centers.

Are there options for redundant backups?

Hosted PBX systems come in many redundancy levels and can be tailored to support the up time requirements your business has. Even the lowest level systems are still hosted on high end redundant HA clusters.

Are there any limitations on call destinations?

We don not limit our clients call destinations like many other providers so you can call even the high risk countries. We also run our internal systems to detect any unusual call volumes to high risk destinations minimising hacked pbx risk.

I am not a corporate is this for me?

MikiPro is primarily a corporate and wholesale provider but we do have a branch that deals with retail clients Stream-Line where you are able to get end user support for SMB.

Can I resell this to my clients?

Everything we offer is available for white lable wholesale. Our wholesale customers are the backbone of the company and most of our services are sold through wholesale channels. Click and give us some more details about what you would like to do with our Phone systems for your clients.

Are you ready to improve your
phone systems

We all rely on our calls comeing through. Reliable PBX systems are not a nice to have but a must have for your business. If you recognise all the benefits of our hosted PBX to find out pricing and more:

Cloud & Hosted PBX

Our hosted PBX systems are the ideal solution for maximum redundancy and performance customers.

The Benefits of a Hosted PBX

There are a number of key advantages to using a Hosted PBX versus traditional telephone service or purchasing an office telephone system.

  • Initial Cost Savings: You do not need to make a large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system and there is no need to maintain it. With a Hosted PBX solution the office telephone system is operated and maintained by MikiPro.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings: A Hosted PBX implementation is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional on site PBX solution.
  • Geographical Flexibility: Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, mobile phones, as well as overseas.
  • Local Presence: Hosted PBX systems allow you to get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located which allows you to create a virtual presence or open a virtual office in any country around the world.
  • Credibility: For small businesses a virtual system can give them instant credibility by presenting their customers with a professional sounding telephone solution. Traditional telephone systems are generally cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations. Using an Interactive Voice Response service would project a larger company appearance.
  • Scalability: Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users they can handle as well as how many lines you have purchased from your local telephone provider. Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as you need them to.
  • Quick Setup: A Hosted PBX solution can have you up and running extremely quickly compared to that of a copper telephone system.
  • Ease of Use: End-user management of a Hosted PBX is far more user-friendly than is the case with traditional solutions. Intuitive web interfaces mean that anyone can manage, monitor and make changes to the service at any time, without needing any specialized skills or experience and while being able to access the PBX from off site

Looking to improve your old PBX system and save money

NO "creative" lease contracts with finance companies, NO undisclosed costs just high quality service provided from the first contact

Hosted PBX Features

Our cloud-based service provides a wealth of powerful features, many of which are included at no additional cost. Below is a categorized list of some of the most popular features. Work Anywhere:

  • Find-me / Follow-me included
  • Use desk phones, smartphones, or laptops
  • Voice mail to E-mail
  • Supports multiple physical offices

Company Image:

  • Customize your autoattendant
  • Manage staff with departments
  • Get local numbers in areas of your choice
  • Custom hold music supported

Enhance Productivity

  • Track performance over time
  • Easily generate detailed reports
  • View real-time usage and active calls
  • Automatically record calls
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