IT requirements keep on developing and with it the pressures on the infrastructure that provides them.  We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with the demands of IT infrastructure update cycles and have first hand experience in optimising a comprehensive business solution that will allow your company and clients to grow. 

IT sector has been a ONE size fits all solution for a little while now.  Some companies are selling CLOUD some companies are selling ON-Site and both of them see the other option as an erosion of profits from their business model.  We believe that the only way to do right by your client is to create a balance of Public CloudPrivate Cloud and On-Site infrastructure that deals with appropriate data and is easily and cost effectively scales along with the client business requirements. 


Due to the expense in replacing and difficulty scaling on-site infrastructure we recommend this for smaller clients and applications where data transfer volumes are beyond something that can be done remotely.  As an examples for our clients it may be video, cad or large volume of photo content.   Even thought we are the largest supplier of ex-lease server gear in New Zealand and our selection of possibilities for our clients on-site infrastructure is vast we only find this solution to be cost effective for some of our client.  Our leave no stone un-turned approach does mean that we would happily visit it and propose you every option so you can make an informed decision on your requirements and TCO.

Want help choosing the right solution?

Our team of trained engineers is ready to listen to your situation and come up with a tailored system that meets and exceeds all your expectations and reguirements.

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Public and Private Cloud offerings

All Mikipro Private and Public CLOUD offerings are available with full flexibility, inbuilt redundancy and scalability

Keeping up to date with your company infrastructure has never been easier. With scalable , high performance , distributed and managed infrastructure you can update your internal technology and ensure you always stay ahead of the technology curve while decreasing your total cost of operations. An obligation free system analysis , cloud migration plan and infrastructure quote is just a phone call away.



Our Public and Private Cloud offerings allow you to run your operation without thinking about what its running on.

Small to Medium enterprise

  • Ideal for small enterprises with less than 50 staff
  • UP to 128GB ram
  • UP to 25TB storage
  • UP to 32 server instances

Large Corporate

  • Will fit even the largest corporates
  • 1TB RAM+
  • 25TB-10PB of storage
  • No real server limits + custom architect dedicated to play your deployment

Private Infrastructure

This product is not limited by size and also not impacted by other users. Private distributed infrastructure deployed just for your business. Resell or use internally with no risk of other user impact.

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