Mikipro Hosting services

Being a Data Centre operator and with physical presence in 3 Auckland Datacentres as well as running dedicated dark fibre connectivity between all our POPs MikiPro is able to offer a plethora of hosting and server products to our customers.

If you have any hosted requirement from 1 website to a private cluster to run your own cloud on our infrastructure don’t hesitate to give us a call as our technicians will gladly help out with the scope, feasibility and pricing of your solution.

VPS Servers

Our VPS servers are a dedicated virtual resource without any tricks and overselling of resource popular in the industry. The CPU cores , RAM and storage you purchase get allocated to your virtual machine and are yours to do as you see fit without anyone else effecting your performance. VPS servers are available from 1 unit through to reseller resource packs where a fixed amount of resources are purchased and you can split them up into different VPS arrangements to suit your needs or resell to your clients.

Dedicated Servers

Enterprise grade servers collocated in our Albany Data Center are available at best prices in New Zealand. 1/2Ru dedicated servers often at prices other facilities are asking just for collocation. Over 150 types / configurations to chose from and if none suit your job we will create one to your requirements. Dedicated servers are also available as a wholesale and reseller product allowing you to leverage on our Datacentre and technical expertise to benefit your clients and generate profit.

Mikipro Ltd has a dedicated branch dealing with its hosted solutions with more information available at

Cloud Servers

Be it a requirement for a small particularly configured infrastructure or if like some of our clients you are after over 1TB of ram and 100s of CPU cores we can create an environment for you. All our clouds are configured on enterprise grade SAN gear running on HP blade servers and with redundancy throughout. As an added bonus our cloud environments are extremely competitively priced with some resellers finding that our retail pricing was cheaper than what they were paying wholesale elsewhere.

Web Hosting

If you have a single website to host or are running a design agency that has 1000s to manage for their clients we have you covered. High speed storage and strict load limits on our CPUs ensure we have some of the best performing hosting globally. With all the search engines putting more and more emphasis on your site’s performance a top performing hosting provider should be at the top of your list for any SEO effort.

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