NZ VOIP / Voice Services

We deliver high quality VOIP / voice services over the internet. This enables us to deliver cheaper voice services compared to expensive copper lines. We also have hosted PBX services available with modern features such as ring groups, multiple lines to one phone, fax to email, queues, IVR (interactive voice recording), etc. Our VOIP works over any internet connection.

Product Notes Price
Hosted PBX Hosted in the cloud $40
Voice Number / DDI $10
Toll Free Number $15
Calling Pack 500 500 NZ Mobile Minutes $25
Calling pack 1000 1000 NZ National Minutes $35
Fax to Email Service Can be sent to multiple email addresses $10
SIP Trunk Used to connect to an existing PBX system $12
SIP Line Single stand alone line for single phone $12
IP Phone Lease Cisco ex-lease phone $5

Prices exclude GST and is per month.

Hosted PBX Service

Our PBX services are hosted on redundant virtualised infrastructure in our data centre. The only on-site hardware required is the physical IP phones. All modern features such as ring groups, IVR, voice mail, queues etc are supported and complicated setups are available from our team of specialists. Because our PBX is in the cloud you can have IP phones at your home and place of business all connected to the same PBX system. You can duplicate your office phone with another IP phone at your home. Many features and configurations are available. Please contact us for more information.

Ordering NZ VOIP Service

Please contact us today for ordering NZ VOIP services. There are many different configurations and services available and one of our helpful technical staff can walk you through the process. We can also create customised rates and packages to suit your requirements.


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