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Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre is a service that is run directly over a leased or purchased un-lit optical fibre cable. The benefits are endless and the only limitation is the equipment you place at each end.

We offer a varying degree of Dark Fibre services including:

  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint
  • Self Healing ring / Mesh topologies.

Dark Fibre Benefits include

  • Complete Control: The optical fibre strand is available to you and you alone at its fullest potential.
  • Expected Costs: The only cost you will incur is the monthly cost of rental and purchase of the equipment you attach at each end.
  • Service Level Agreements: MikiPro provides a comprehensive agreement with 99.9% uptime.
  • Separation: Dark fibre separates your vital network from the rest allowing for complete security in data transfers and company information.

MikiPro is more than happy to consult of availability and price. Get in contact today to see how we can help bring your company into a whole new level of network connectivity.

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