Wholesale IT services are our core offering. We enable IT businesses to deliver above their capacity or capabilities as well as offer a complete solution by leveraging our wholesale product portfolio. 


Growth is strongly linked to client retention, and in IT, more and more services companies are offering services outside their core portfolio. That often results in a business providing alternative services spreading into your niche and eroding your client base while you are working on adding new clients.   


MikiPro Wholesale IT services can help you add additional income streams and improve client retention at the same time through our core reseller IT services: 

Recurring billing platform – WhiteLabel platform allowing for truly flexible recurring billing with usage-based inputs that IT companies require. 

VPS, Dedicated,Hosting– Cloud and Dedicate/Virtual server platform with the flexibility and cost profile that allows you to sell what your client requires at a right margin without the requirement of upfront or ongoing capital to maintain platforms that would be underutilised. 

VOIP – Wholesale trunks with usage-based minutes at volume-dependent pricing allows you to grow your bottom line and make money selling voice from day one.

Hosted PBX – MikiPro managed, hosted and updated Hosted PBX platforms running a flexible PBX solution that scales from 2 – 2000 phones a site empower your business to discover a new client base of SMB and Corporate customers with a focus on communications. This service, when combined with our VOIP offering, allows for a delivery of an extremely comprehensive package. 

Internet Connectivity– From your clients’ premisses to the internet or dedicated connectivity to our facility MikiPro Wholesale has you covered. We can deliver all of NZ UFB, VDSL, ADSL or fibre connections to your clients with metered, unlimited or CIR bandwidth. These ports also completely integrate into our billing engine, allowing for Tier1 style billing flexibility and reliability without the difficulty or cost of building and maintaining your platform. 

Datacenter Collocation – Half and full rack solutions with DC-DC interconnects, International and national capacity at up to 10Gbit a port are available.  

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