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SLAs – IT Support

Your IT infrastructure keeps your business running and efficient but very few SMBs and small corporate environments consider the impact of downtime to their bottom line.  Just like most tech assets your ICT infrastructure requires consistent maintenance / monitoring and tweaking to continue operating at its peak capacity and reliability.

Our aim is to bring the monitoring, proactive support and expert skillset required to run a reliable infrastructure within the budget requirements of every NZ business.  We understand that SMB environments need only a little help not cowboy advice or a “team” or technicians most corporate SLAs promise.

To achieve this we have created IT support SLA tiers


No active monitoring – 9-5 phone support- Discounted onsite support

  • Best suited for SMB currently relying on luck to keep infrastructure going

Mid Way

Active monitoring with 24h – 4H response to alerts – Discounted onsite support – 20H phone / remote support / month

  • Great solution for a sub 50 user business that needs a dedicated technician familiar with the infrastructure but not much onsite support.


Active monitoring with 24h – immediate response to alerts – Discounted onsite support with 10H included – 40H phone / remote support / month

  • Great as a complete replacement to in-house IT regardless of the size of your business.

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