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HP C7000 enclosure and blades


The HP BladeSystem  HP c7000 is a 10U rackmount blade enclosure that provides connectivity, cooling, power and remote management (incl iLo KVM) for up to 16 blades. They are designed to take high end redundant options for all of these. We are able to provide the enclosures with fully redundant (N+N) power, cooling and remote management options. Connectivity is based around 2x Gigabit Ethernet for each blade terminating either to a passthrough module or a Cisco 3020 layer 2 switch.

It’s also capable of running fiber for storage or networking connectivity, and has an iLO for each blade and Onboard Administrator for the enclosure.

For the actual blade servers themselves we have Intel and AMD dual/quad core blades. These are configurable from a single dual core up to a pair of quads with 32 GB RAM. They each have their own pair of HDDs and a RAID controller. The popular blades we have are BL460c and BL465c, these are good for most requirements and have an internal USB port for a VM host installation on flash media.

External storage is possible through fiber channel adapters, switches, controllers, and then enclosures.

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