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Refurbished and New Servers

HP c7000 blade enclosure
DL360p G8 1RU server
DL380 G7 2RU server

MikiPro Ltd has a strong focus on enterprise grade equipment; from parts for your currently deployed machines through to new server kits for current deployments.

We have over 500 servers in stock as well as 1000s of parts.

Having a large inventory of machines gives us the ability to provide you with the widest selection of products that meet your specifications. By carrying machines from IBM, HP and DELL, as well as the smaller distributors like Cyclone and Supermicro, we are mostly able to cater to your brand preference as well as the required specifications.

Server Types Available

64-bit non-VT capable machines are still capable of virtualising 32-bit guests or running a single instance of Win2008 (64-bit) but are unable to virtualise multiple windows 64-bit instances. Despite this, these machines are still capable of virtualising multiple 64-bit instances of Linux servers and make for a great and much cheaper alternative to the newer VT kit. Non-VT machines are generally 30% or more than the VT capable units and come from 2-3 year leases. With a very sharp price and extremely wide selection of available models, these machines are the first choice for most people deploying networks with less than 5 servers and where virtualisation is not viable or the budget is tight.

VT capable servers are ideal for environments where virtualisation of 64-bit Windows servers is required. These are run on either 3xxx/5xxx series Xeon CPUs or AMD socket F (and above) CPUs. The ability to virtualise multiple machines on a single platform gives you the ability to make savings in both maintenance and hardware costs when deploying multiple Windows 2008 (64-bit) servers. These machines are normally “Ex-Demo” or from very short leases and are configured very similarly to brand new kits currently sold.

Newer then their VT counterparts these servers are required when deploying the latest server OS’s such as Win Server 2012 R2 and later. Other then the extra vt-d extensions all of the other benefits of VT-x capable servers remain.

To help you make your selection, the category that all of our servers fit into is marked on their page. This way you can tell at a glance if they will meet your requirements.

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