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Server CPUs


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Server performance can often be greatly improved by a simple CPU upgrade. We stock the required parts for upgrading most servers to the performance you need.

  • Intel Xeon 5500 series
  • Intel Xeon E5400 series quad cores
  • Intel Xeon E5300 series quad cores
  • Intel Xeon 5100 series dual cores
  • Intel Xeon 5000 series dual cores
  • Intel Xeon 800 MHz 1MB and 2MB L2 cache series
  • Intel Xeon 533 MHz series
  • AMD Opteron 8000 series
  • AMD Opteron 2000 series
  • … and many others

We stock the required server heat-sink / VRM / fan kits for most servers so let us know if you require those as well.

Other models are often available so feel free to request availability and price.

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