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Premium SIP

MikiPro’s Premium SIP technology allows access to a level of service, cost and features that otherwise would not be available on standard copper telephone services.


Never before has it been easier to identify issues in quality as well as apply remedies to services that display issues over copper lines. SIP technology uses internet connectivity, which when controlled by MikiPro, we can trace from phone to exchange to identify the cause of issues and implement or recommend solutions.


SIP services use your MikiPro internet connection, therefore not requiring a copper monthly fee per line that you require. Now that you have moved off a physical phone line system onto a digital system, we can now provide options that would not require massive monthly costs.

Plus, now that you are no longer on the copper network with higher calling rates, we can provide rates that we have picked from the most reliable and cost effective sources.


Our Premium SIP services can either run as individual subscriptions or gain access to a hosted PBX system which would open up a larger database of options.

Premium SIP features include

  • 1-5 Channels
  • Multiple Numbers – Primary + DDI
  • Voice Mail – Individual or Global
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Access to our range of Cisco hardware
  • Caller ID

Further features available on PBX or more advanced kits.

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