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MikiPro Services limited prides itself on its technicians, who are able to deploy, maintain, configure and repair your network solution beyond expectation.  Whether you are establishing a network in a small office or needing a large WiFi mesh deployed in a hurry, we have an abundance of experience and history in tackling your network requirements.

Wireless Networking

We specialise in deploying networks for multi-user environments where SSID roaming and access point balancing are an absolute necessity due to the quantity of users.  Wireless networks can be arranged from 1 to many Access Points to suit your required user QTYs and performance requirements.

Commonly requested features:

•             Wireless network enterprise user authentication

•             GB allowance quotas on user level

•             Time allocation vouchers

•             Access point load balancing

•             Multi wavelength network configuration

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If you are having issues with your wireless network or looking at upgrading, feel free to give us a call for an obligation free quote.

Wired Networking

Arranging the infrastructure to ensure your IT works for you is our speciality.  By picking appropriate core equipment and complimenting edge switches we can ensure that our client’s networks remain robust, easy to manage and flexibility to expand in future. We are able to cater to your needs regardless of whether you are aiming for a cost effective SMB network or a high capacity multi-site network integrating our WAN / backhaul services.

Commonly requested features:

  • Fully managed switching
  • Net flow analytics across the entire network
  • Intrusion detection
  • VLAN segregation across internal groups
  • 10-40Gbit Metro Backhaul

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